Streaming Links

Streaming Links

We take pride to inform yout that we are currently broadcasting live on &  through Android & Apple App Worldwide. Along with our online presence we are also live with various MSO's in Delhi , Himachal , Jammu & Parts of Haryana  ,Punjab ​, UP & Uttaranchal . We are also live on IP Tv's ,like Zenga TV , Jadoo Tv , Gold Box , Shava TV​ , Real TV and many other IP TV platforms .

Currently we are the first ever HD PUNJABI MUSIC TELEVISION CHANNEL broadcasting in HD in various parts of Delhi through Cable Network ( Inspire infotech ).

​Please find below the Channel Streaming links for testing purpose

Http Link (Adaptive Bitrate):-

Http Link (HD Link):-

The above mentioned links can be used by any IPTV or Cable Operator or DTH worldwide with the prior permission of Steelbird Music .